window.__bufferedErrors.push({ window.caches.delete(key) var errorInfo = err.error || {}; } }) ! Cove Lake’s 606 acres are situated in a beautiful mountain valley on the eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau. }) function notifyLoaded(item, data) { Other things to explore near Clove Lakes Park: There is actually a ship graveyard in Staten Island, about 20 minutes away from Clove Lakes Park. } rollout_hash: getConfigProp('rollout_hash', ''), Clove Lakes Park 1150 Clove Rd Staten Island NY 10301. if (extraData) { })(); window.__additionalDataError = function(path, msg) { Please note: Due to insurance reasons, the public is not permitted to launch personal boats at these sites. Like Us on Face Book Clove Lake Cars (function(){ Friday-Saturday - Noon to 11:00 pm NYPD canine Timoshenko, named for a Staten Island police officer killed in 2007, led police to a body in Clove Lakes Park on Wednesday, amid a weeks-long search for a missing doctor. response_status_code: errorInfo.statusCode || 0 (function() {

* then run "yolo css" waiting: [] 1936. Photographer. Clove Lakes Park is a public park located in the New York City borough of Staten Island, in the neighborhood of Sunnyside.. With valuable ecological assets, Clove Lakes Park has a rich natural history and a few remnants of the past. C l o v e L a k e s B o a t … propValue : defaultValueIfNotTruthy; After camping overnight at cove lake state park in our tent we were approached by ranger Mark Rooker to take down our enclosed potty tent with self-contained potty.
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  • Due to insurance reasons, the public is not permitted to launch personal boats at these sites. Watch Queue Queue. Clove Lakes Park colorful view of restaurant, boat rental area and rowboats on lake. /* };
    This might interest you if you’re looking to explore more areas there. window.__initialDataError = function(msg) { Clove Lakes Park (colorful view of restaurant, boat rental area and rowboats on lake) (NYPL b15279351-104832).tiff 2,432 × 1,673; 11.65 MB Hikers at Clove Lake, Staten Island (NYPL b15279351-104833).tiff 2,416 × 1,609; 11.13 MB
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  • Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy. Sunday - 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. } var getConfigProp = function(propName, defaultValueIfNotTruthy) { error: error > Paddleboat Rentals. })(); (function() { Please see our list of, OFF TO THE RACES: NYC PARKS BREAKS GROUND ON CLOVE LAKES PARK 5K RUNNING TRAIL, SPRING BREAK: NYC PARKS’ URBAN PARK RANGERS OFFER SCHOOL RECESS FUN FOR KIDS ACROSS THE CITY, NYC PARKS ANNOUNCES SLATE OF SPRING AND SUMMER PUBLIC ART EXHIBITIONS AROUND THE CITY, Freshwater Wetlands In New York City - Clove Lakes Park, Monarch Butterflies In New York City - Clove Lakes Park. }; Sperr, Percy Loomis (1890-1964) More Details Cite This Item Image ID 728735F. Genre.
      Please see our list of Public Launch Sites for alternative locations.
    Access: Staten Island, NY 10301 window.__bufferedErrors = [];