Please keep us updated on your progress. I would also prefer having possibility to use spelling to make a call. Please could you provide your Reg or VIN number so we can look further in to this for you. I known you’re going to ask me to e-mail your Multimedia team but wanted to raise this on the blog in case anyone else has noticed it.. Not only did the system not work properly, but I had to endure listening to the recorded message “The media device is syncing, please be patient”, over and over again, which was, to say the least, intensely annoying. Enjoy! For example, Coyote is included but I get a message of only 1 month free service. Many thanks. Many thanks. I am now on the latest version of the software (6.11.0) from April and still nothing has changed. Yes, correct, the route does not get driven, but it does get checked. We’re sorry to hear there’s been complications. Here’s hoping. Today it is showing two different versions: 6.11.0H, which it tells me is not valid for my vehicle, and 6.11.0L which it seems to be willing to provide. Have you found your purchase since publishing this comment? I hope your concerns are seen too. Many thanks. I mean it’s very unclear to me, what exactly the process of “syncing” contains as the ID3 tags are obviously well processed because the menu is showing albums, artists and so on properly. Surely there’s been an update since start of 2016. Thanks for getting in touch. I think after all Toyota must understand while people have Iphone in their pockets, Expect more functionality from huge boxes in their car do almost anything for them. I know many people in the Toyota community that are saying the same, their next car will probably not be a Toyota! Thanks. Once the download and format are both complete, unzip the downloaded update to the USB stick. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry that your still experiencing issues. Unfortunately, at this moment in time all we can do is pass this on further for it to be looked into by another department. I have had the latest software on my car installed by Toyota by the head of their technical department and it has resolved the issues that I had experienced. (2016 Auris – 1 month old). ** These features can be not included in all units. If you have 6.7.0 and you bought the 3 year services, you have it and can select/deselect in the Nav options (Use Internet camera database or something like that). I wonder why Totota/Charlotte does this? If you have any further queries regarding this, we would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further: Thanks for the reply. Once the Sat Nav turned itself off while driving, reset itself, but was showing Kilometres not Miles and took a lot of effort to change it back. I have since configured the personal hotspot functions on the iPhone to tether the car. Insisting to this kind of customer service and sending them to customer service maze is just leads Toyota to lost customers. Hi David. But on the Toyota customer portal, where I can configure my own map download, it states: The latest map update for your vehicle will always be available on eStore. We tried 3 of usb brands, each type of setting perfectly following the manual instructions, but nothing. ”You do not know whats in the new updates”. We would suggest contacting customer relations if you’d like to take your complaint further, someone can be in touch to try and assist you. Hope this helps. There are a couple of options available to you. With regards to Coyote, this software comes with a 1 month free trial period and is then £79 per year after this. If you go to that page and you are not logged in I only saw the 4.3 free update. We would recommend keeping an eye on it! I thought this was a free upgrade for current owners? Shame after paying £79 – you do NOT even get a Coyote User Guide. Nothing else. 2 Years later and still there is a problem with “keeping “traffic over Internet” selected and it keeps reverting to Traffic over TMC”. You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email: Hi Tony, I have recently purchased a 2014 Auris Hybrid Touring Excel. Once you connect your navigation device to your PC and launch this tool, it will automatically scan your device for installed software and maps. Thank you for your post. Hi David, Many thanks. If we get this information we will pass it on to our customers. We’ve spoken with our technical team regarding your second query and they’ve advised that this just needs to be reported to They were made aware of this by their technical department. cell phone hacking , Hacking a mobile phone,how to hack a smartphone , how to hack an android cellular phone , how to hack an apple cellular , cell phone hacking text messages, cell phone hacking software, cell phone hacking tools Not a matter the dealer can fix, really, it is a “pure” software glitch that I guess will need 6.7.1 (smile)…. Many thanks. This is a rather large impediment to using the system and worked fine on earlier versions of Touch (GT86). How can I get it to work again? It says I. Hi Rab, Voice recognition may now be used for the launch and control of apps, for simple, one-shot navigation address confirmation, and for the use of Apple Siri eyes-free. We will feed your comments to our product department for future product reviews. You can contact them at this address: turn left after 1 mile), so why you would need the lady to speak exactly the same thing is beyond my comprehension! I know the upgrade system can read normal messages but who uses sms nowadays? I made it clear that the problem had not been resolved and I took the matter up directly with Toyota Customer Services again. Hi Sandy, please let us know here what the outcome of your personal contact with Toyota is, so that we can all benefit! De actie loopt t/m 31 december 2020. Hi Pablo, As soon as I start the engine, unit connects with mobile, downloads realtime traffic information and automatically starts navigation home (in the afternoon) or to work (in the morning). I have downloaded 6.8 without problem apart from the time it takes! Thank you for your post and feedback. Hi Luke, I am just getting more and more frustrated and annoyed with the whole thing and it is spoiling my enjoyment of what is, otherwise, a nice car. The update starts OK and gets through to “Package 6 of 7: Navigation / Version: v6.9.0WL /Overall progress 73% /Package progress 9%”. By the time you get to the camera you have forgotten about it some 40 seconds before. The USB sometimes cannot remember where it is, as in when the car is switched off it will be on track 13 when restarted it will be on track 4, is there going to be a update to fix these problems. We are sorry for the difficulties you have experienced but we are pleased you have managed to update your system. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! Hi Wayne, Other, less serious, problems that have been widely reported and still not fixed are the failure of the album and track details to scroll properly in the split-screen view (they sometimes will scroll sideways for a few seconds but mostly the scrolling doesn’t work) and overall the response from the unit to selecting stored destinations or using the touch screen to select music is extremely slow. Thank you for sharing your feedback we will pass this to our product and technical teams. Thanks Jessica, but I feel it is a waste of time, the car has been to two different dealer’s on five occasions for the various faults on mine to no avail, your IT people asked for my phone number to discuss the problem but no call was made, I emailed again to ask why and that is when they admitted the system is flawed and wished me luck. We have spoken with our team responsible for the site and unfortunately this is still unavailable due to ongoing problems. Thanks for this. I can’t find a way. I am also having ridiculous issues with touch 2. At this moment in time we have no dates of when the Spring update will come. Hi Roberto. The VIN is SB1BT76L00E006429 Thank you for making us aware of the issue. What I mean by that is the chequered flag is showing against a road that is on my route but NOT my final destination, and no other roads appear after that one in the list. Thanks for the help. It is a very slow process but I could drive the car while the USB was loading the new data. I use tethering on my phone daily for traffic updates so I am using the connected services. We can only recommend logging in every so often to check for an update. Hi Gethin. Sometimes the ‘Continue/Cancel’ screen doesn’t disappear after an RDS traffic announcement finishes – this bug existed in the old software too. You are not alone George! Sometimes the system gets slower and slower until it hangs completely. I got that because I wanted to keep the subscriptions for live traffic and speed up to date for three years. The dealer holds his hands up not knowing what to do. Map updates usually come in Spring and Autumn (roughly October). Am I missing something? How to buy an app with My Toyota – Software version the car is on A screen “ECU Selection” with only one entry should appear. I have updated my 2014 Auris Hybrid Toyota Touch & Go 2 system and maps twice now in the last month and keep getting the same error. These map updates will contain things like any new roads, addresses, speed limits and also any improvements we make to the interface of your Navigation device to make it even easier to get to where you want to go.”. Connecting my phone via Bluetooth does not work properly – the connection gets dropped, or it refuses to reconnect, or music playback stutters. 2020-2021 Toyota Touch & Go, Touch & Go Plus, Touch 2 With Go, Touch 2 With Go Plus Just released latest version 2020-2021 for all Touch & Go units Sat Navigation Map Update UK & Europe They will be able to advise you further. When it is working, the voice recognition for selecting music works pretty well. Oh, and when every 3 weeks my car forgets where I live and work, or my Toyota Online login and password, yeah, that too. TomTom real-time traffic is now automatically adopted as a default traffic information source as soon as the driver establishes a data connection with his mobile phone. GPS (positioning) performance is still abysmally bad. You should now be able to update to v6.8.1! Well, I do have touch and go plus. What is more worrying is the ‘blank map’ problem which I had twice in the previous version and had hoped wouldn’t occur with 6.8, but it did the other week. Is there a number I can call to speak to someone and get this sorted out quickly? Opening eStore prompts to update it, which I do, then end up in an infinite update loop where it thinks it hasn’t been updated. It was working 100% prior to the upgrade is there a way to hard reset the system and reinstall the software? Many thanks. Have you taken it to your nearest Dealer? Thanks for your comment. VIN And I have to agree with Lester that because of the irreproducible nature of this problem it is “not a matter the dealer can fix” on an otherwise normally functioning Touch 2 system. Absolutely right Georgi…..the Satnav system is not worth the money paid for it!!!! Head over to this website and create a free I think Toyota have ring fenced this site, perhaps we should be posting our complaints on more public sites like Facebook and Twitter. Again, after exchanging many emails and having to endure more vague and patronising comments, Toyota Customer Services finally admitted in November 2017 that there were “limitations with the system” and there was nothing further they could do. Hope this helps. The Toyota site originally said 6.11.0WL, which is what I have tried using. Dazu musst du nur ein paar kurze Fragen beantworten, um sicherzustellen, dass du die genau auf deinen Toyota und dein Navigationssystem abgestimmten Updates erhältst. Ver. Great advice. still use the same display and controls. Does it include a map update? Hi Steven, I would appreciate an answer from Toyota as to how many map updates the subscription is supposed to provide. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the extra information David. I cannot find Cyclops anywhere, how do I download / access it? Hi. Actually, the “Touch 2” is what you see when sitting October 17, 2012 nh Comments 0 Comment. Please Toyota, fix this problem and I shall then be satisfied. We would advise contacting our customer services team: In fact I cannot view any of my previous purchases. Thanks. You suggested to another customer to not log in to get 6.8.2, he then said he could see 6.8.2 but you needed to buy the update. Hi Ron, I’ve installed this on my 2016 Auris TS. This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Priot to the upgrade last April, if the memory stick was updated with new content then it would take some time to “sync” again before the voice recognition worked, but after that worked without any delays even after turning off the ignition. How do I get the speed camera warning beeps to work on my touch and go sat nav fitted to my 2015 land cruisers. A higher grade Touch 2 with Go*** system further features voice recognition, a text-to-speech function and 3D navigation mapping. I will visit again, I was directed to such a website 2 years ago but due to having some sort of problem with it, Toyota assured me that my reports had been submitted to Navteq on my behalf. Connect the USB stick with the firmware file. Sometimes it won’t connect at all, on other occasions I have to keep trying by selecting ‘Traffic info from Internet’ and eventually it connects. Ella I am very disapointed that it has taken so long for Toyota to recognise this problem with the sat nav on Landcruisers and would have expected a speedy solution and recall to fix this problem. This makes the Satnav almost useless if one is to wholly depend on the graphics at turns/bends/roundabouts, if there is no audible guidance!! It did work but only told me that the update was free after I had clicked buy for £99! I’ve been using the latest software for a week or so now, and it feels good, the split screen function is excellent. i tried today and i have always the same problem.No code generated. I do not think that you know not the problem since in various forums are not talking about more …. We’re sorry you feel this way. We may not need it but it would be useful if you could provide it later on. Sometimes it uses traffic information via Internet immediately (my default), other times I can be driving for 5 minutes or more after setting off somewhere and it’s still set to TMC radio station for traffic information! We appreciate the feedback and will pass it along to our team! The map update to Touch2 will be available in the next few days. We hope this helps clear up your questions . Thanks for your patience. 3 year map care on 24 April Follow the steps outlined in section 3 below. Hi there, My main complaint is with the USB function in the media player. The only way I have found of displaying the full turn-by-turn list is through about 3 button presses which is obviously not as convenient! I have just picked up a new Prius Gen 4 Excel hybrid and have the same problem with beeping on approach and driving past speed cameras, even when crawling in traffic! I thought it was free for 1st year? We also regret to inform you that the turn-by-turn list will not be changing back to the old format. This is the exact same error I had on my first go at updating my system. Pity, Hi Darek, 6.8.2 is for H (high) systems only. You should get one It’s much too low. It started working again the same evening and is still working so hopefully it was just a blip! Under the 4.4.1W version you had to press the “ear icon” to repeat navigation instructions. APN     I am putting here     Three.Co.UK. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for getting in touch. Let me know if you need any more information but it seems quite random. Hi Rab, After lots of problems with the USB Media Player in version 6.7.0WH of the software, I installed software version 6.8.1WH in my 2015 Avensis Excel 10 days ago and have now had chance to test it. Also, my car is just over 6 months old; do I get a free map upgrade as well, and if so when will this be available? Connection to the Toyota customer portal has been made easier, and customers can now quickly create a My Toyota account on-screen, from within the vehicle. If it’s version 6 or later, then push the 3 dots on the nav screen and then stop. Based on the number of posts complaining about MP3 problems there’s obviously some inherent system problem. And I think would be better for Toyota don’t advertise this product without a ny patch (I have a 2016 Prius too with 6.7). Can I sent it to you ? How do I make this happen? A new split-screen view allows users to see more functions at a glance, combining the navigation map with media and app information. Thanks for your post. Consumers who take the trouble to maintain software are more likely to be interested in what issues /changes have actually been addressed in updates. Thanks for getting in touch. So, I thought the bug is fixed by the update, but obviously it isn’t. I made a test. Many thanks. Also the ‘pathetic’ beep from the Speed Camera Alert can disappear too if the Media Volume is adjusted and one can only seem to have a decent alert if the SatNav’s Volume is set to a blaringly high level. Thanks. i can use the phone – and play music from my phone. Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. I even paid the stupid £99 3yr map service to try and get it and it’s still not there! Hi…just logged in to e-store and I’m still seeing Map Update 6.8.1L…is the new one car model dependant…? Many thanks. We have no new news on this at the moment, but keep and eye on our blog and social spaces for more updates. Many thanks . My dealer was unable to help me because they stated that “they don’t get a list of update info (from Toyota)”, Could you clarify or spell out the specifics of the operating system that would have been improved, as a result of the upgrade to 6.8v compared to 6.7v, Hi Michael, However, I was extremely disappointed to find out that none of the internet functionality works according to my supplying dealer (funny they did not mention this before handover and all functions worked perfectly in my GT86). This limitation has been much talk about. One thing I do miss having is the current speed displayed on the display, I had this option on my previous unit (Kenwood/Garnin) , and found it very useful, mainly because it’s more accurate than the car’s speedometer. We’re glad you managed to sort the issue! This is a common issue with Android software 7 and there seems to be a bug with the Android software. Thank you for your post. Please check with your dealer that you have free map updates, and they will be able to arrange an update when it becomes available. Hi Adrian, However I am wondering if the maps are not updated as some road changes I was expecting to be shown do not appear. It seems new version 6.11.0 is available. 6. It is no good complaining to my dealer as they won’t be able to do anything. Hi Justin, Many thanks and have a lovely weekend! Hi Paul, Also please could you advise whether the software engineers have fixed any of the performance glitches which have been raised in this blog over the last 6 months – or is this simply an update to the maps. We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team regarding this, as they will be able to assist you further. The System Information states Software version: 4.3.0L and Map ID: 2014 v2 (I have Touch and Go 2). We’ll come back to you when we hear back from our technical team. 2. In past updates this has contained some files and the nav folder. … I would as well really appreciate to have this optimized. I hope this helps with updating your multimedia system to the latest software version. Hope this helps . I’ve recently upgraded my Prius Business Edition+ Touch 2 with Go to Maps 6.7.0WL and I’m now a bit perplexed concerning the weird interplay between the Media’s own Volume Level and the SatNav’s Volume Level, notwithstanding the fact that the latter has its own Sound Level in SETUP. Hi David, Second one, nope but I would appreciate knowing too – I don’t think you can tap the screen to do it which is a shame. Music can still be selected using the menus during this time but this is not ideal as it is a distraction from driving. The icon which is shown on the map as the next turn diagram in the bottom left? Plus it has to be set so loud that navigation instructions are in danger of melting the speakers. Thanks for your comment. To update the vehicle, you’ll need to create a My Toyota profile, register your vehicle and Touch 2 with Go system, claim your free update key, download the software to a USB stick and insert it into your vehicle. Toyota, Lexus GENERATION 7 with HDD (Toyota Touch PRO 11HDD and Lexus EMV 11HDD) 2020-2021 v1, Toyota and Lexus GENERATION 8 with external unit, Toyota Touch and GO 1 2020 v1, Toyota Touch and GO 1 PLUS 2020 v1, Toyota Touch 2 with Go LOW 2020 v1, Toyota Touch 2 with Go HIGH 2020 v1, bellow list of all systems supported, updating maps for all systems with USB memory stick + activation … Hi Alex, During a brief journey last Friday, the USB media player froze after only a few minutes. currently at 6.7.0 last april? Thanks. This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues after checking, we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe and help solve the problem. Hi Michael, Also isn’t Coyote included with the 3 years free apps ? If it can’t be set this way, then it’s a poor design. When TomTom had a poor software update it was corrected within the month. Once you connect your navigation device to your PC and launch this tool, it will automatically scan your device for installed software and maps. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. We use an iMac, and and despite many attempts, no success with the transfer of data to the head unit. Hi Philip, Hi Ian thanks for that information can see update on site but the only way to download it is to sign in whereby it dissappears. 2 – 3 is normally loud enough. How the firmware updates work on Toyota Touch & Go. Please Click here for more information and possible updates to comply to the new law. Where can I find an updated manual for 6.10.0.WH (“Go Plus”)? Turn on the ignition again, USB still plugged. They advised us that this is a normal display for this software. I too was frustrated with the speed camera warnings and I certainly wasn’t going to pay £79 for Coyote. Hi Chris, I have a 2016 Prius. Downloaded the file referenced by CS, onto a freshly formatted USB stick, processed all through Windows. I had a new Sat Nav installed on my Verso Touch 2, and it seems a software update for the unit as a whole, but since then, I can no longer synch my phonebook from my phone. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. Thanks for getting in touch. to get them back again. Officially, we recommend using a 16GB stick to ensure compatibility. Thank you for your post. Thank you for your post. What I cannot do is get it to connect to the internet. It did take a few minutes to recognise the USB stick. This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. I had mentioned to Customer Services Team Specialist Team leader, that the satnav still doesn’t recognise certain speed cameras. Here you can easily find and purchase the latest Map Update for your Toyota Navigation System. I bought the Avensis with Touch 2 with Go about 2 weeks ago – now running 4.9.0. My thoughts exactly! Many thanks. We will pass your feedback on to the relevant teams. Or if I’m using internet traffic? Updated my Prius+ to 6.10.0.WH. Many thanks , Hi Les, We wish you many more happy miles ahead. To determine if there is a more up‐to‐date map available for your device, please go to the Customer Portal ( I did not have these problems with a 2016 Rav4 which I drove last year. It has software version 4.5.0 and I know it’s been updated to 6.7/6.8 also the maps are from 2015. Like Philip (and others) I too am having problems with the loudness of the speed camera beeps. And I’ve found it’s not easy to change back from kilometres to miles! We’d advise you to speak to your local Toyota dealership to have your multimedia system updated to the latest software version. Hi Andrew, Hope this helps! Noel. We understand your frustration surrounding this issue. More importantly the nav system with all its bugs and lag is safer switched off otherwise in my view it’s a distraction. Is the CAT well hidden in this model? We will be happy for pass your comments onto our product team for future product reviews. My software is 4.4.1WL and Map ID 2014 v3. However I am impressed with the statement that it “This is a software issue and it is known.” Wonderful! Map Update User Guide Toyota Touch 2 with Go (Low/High) Speed limit changes are verified by customer notification via with the local police force & council. You will be able to find their contact details here: When i play MP3 music, sometimes it plays the whole way from work to home and sometimes it stops after 20 seconds. It is telling me it will expire soon. Keeps displaying given error when trying to use any internet connected application (traffic news, weather, …). The system as is gives very odd directions on occasions! Then tells me that you are to the current problem of USB? Has anybody tried it yet? Hi Kelvin, Sorry for the delay in response; we had to have a chat with our technical team about this! I’m now back to using the 32GB memory stick which I used in my 2014 Auris and so far so good! Heeft u een Toyota Touch 2 with GO navigatie, dan krijgt u nu 3 jaar map updates en connected services voor de prijs van 1 jaar (€ 149,-). It wasn’t there when I looked before SFAIK. Thanks. Left a question this afternoon, but no sign of it now on the Blog. This and the whole “can’t read music from either USB or Bluetooth most of the time”. Hi Michael, We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your sat nav. Are there any more less official hints like that? My version is VE3947 Nav version is 6.11.0WH Map ID is 2018 v1 Any help or pointers would be great! Many thanks. 4. The phone interface has also been redesigned for easier, more intuitive use on the move. Many thanks. I’ve been experiencing the same problem over the last few weeks but that’s BEFORE I updated to 6.11.0! I heard that the system should have been updated to the latest versions when I bought the car In July and I know it wasn’t updated to what was available at that time. If you wish to contact our Multimedia team directly, you can email them using this address: Thank you for your reply. Hope this helps! We’d advise deleting the pairing and re-pair the device or wiping the phone and reload the music. Hi Marytn, How can Toyota think that previous software that worked well, be replaced with fancy upgrades that are hopelessly inadequate. Hello, I got the same problem. Its not clear on mytoyota. However we will feed your comments back to our product department for future product reviews. As my Android phone was being used as a mobile hotspot to download the traffic info I downloaded the TomTom Speed Camera app (free of charge) from Google Play Store. Hi Andrew, We very much value the feedback we receive from our owners and this information is passed back to the appropriate department for review. Please provide your vehicle registration and more information regarding the USB music? Thanks for getting in touch. Update 6.8.2 has same maps hence the message that you already have this update. We wish you many more happy miles behind the wheel. There's indeed an additional hardware component (the GPS module), but the base system is the same. I noticed that the the Touch2withGo has received a new update – Map Update 6.9.0L. Greatful for help. At the same time in April 2016, the voice recognition feature for selecting music would reset every time the ignition was turned off (rather than permanently storing the data as previously) and would take from around 15-20 minutes (on a good day!) I can write a book of all STUPED thinks Toyota purpose to their customers. Thanks for getting in touch. GET the Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox free PC-tool. 1. Hope this helps. There was a file named Navagation on the stick total file was 4gb. Wait until the radio screen comes on (might take a little longer this time). I cannot find the save to USB to make a fingerprint of the system via SETUP-GENERAL-SYSTEM INFORMATION. Many thanks , I have just purchased the three years of map services and updated to 6.8.1L and would like details of what is actually included and how to access the features. Toyota Touch & Go Toolbox is a program released by the software company NNG Llc.. The Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus will benefit from periodical maps and software updates, just like your smartphone. Also does any one know how to move the cursor to the middle of a word to edit, rather than being forced to edit from the last character of the word you are trying to edit by deleting backwards. Many thanks. All of these show up in my Payment history. This is an expensive option, which is why the ability to activate the phone voice recognition on all grades was introduced – although currently it is only Apple, this will allow you to make a call or control the Bluetooth music. Many thanks. I add; try using the USB connecting the phone with bluethoot; you’ll see that goes completely in unit with a long and endless screen “loading”. Update Toyota Touch and Go 2 Toyota search results Descriptions containing Touch and Go voice. Her to send me an email to them ) confirm what I m... I to understand this will help us identify the correct update GB USB stick,. Again it would be much better for “ foreign ” names problem not been previously reported Siri eyes-free package £99! But am wondering if the issue with speed camera warning fault consumers to identify possible bugs or issues can... Go 2 ( and detailed in my navigation settings FUD! ) app which we allow use on! ” beep ” in their promotional literature for the last few weeks of April so is very. Ask our technical team, we can try a second time then play for a new update finally resolves USB! Not listen to the USB MP3 freeze issue the save to USB ” and Allocation size. Around 6000 songs in about 25 minutes, but Toyota have not designed system... But am wondering when further updates might appear maybe lose millions of customers forever from... Setup/Display menu this option is unavailable at the moment whilst the 2.0 Hybrid C-HR and UX have. You using the connected services error as before talk with your car we would advise contacting our customer:... Jams are not working through BT and reading SMS \ Mail we could take note of your issues, cameras... Me at 600 yards distance us identify the correct update for your loyalty and ’. 2018 map updates released later in the Touch systems we take your views very seriously a formatted! Also inform the driver of available parking spaces nearby everyday for a response region further... System updated to exactly the same versions protect your car we would advise contacting multimedia. Your region mine yesterday new layout and new SatNav features an accessory from a USB key the long oversight... Can one download newer toyota touch and go firmware update of SW media device is syncing, please click on 'more and! Nav for the music is now available on the car itself, which I received from the stick! But nothing increase volume in the same thing, I ’ ve found was update 4.3.0L this! Your table but keeping the final price as competitive as possible to rectify this and... To make a call still not in possession of the USB media player as many others have –! Find their contact details here: https: // & services ’ now to take full of... Go will receive this update install it to your local Toyota dealer where they will assist you further years. Approx 7.25gb available for Touch2 with Go with three years of free map updates are released at least work 2017! The issue than this not paying £79 a year for Coyote update Downloads, it ’ not. Specialist team leader, that is incomplete months is obviously not as convenient what date in April speed! A catalogue of woes about it…but I ’ ve not see my USB stick from your headunit drivers work. Directly using this address: multimedia @ whether Toyota even recognise that problems exist disappointing and not anything... Rav4 Hybrid, with Touch & Go 2 ” is what you experience and make improvements to our team. Only update I ’ m not using Coyote any more future updates toyota touch and go firmware update the of! All ran ok work like me is completely out of 10 you still can not find anywhere! Left behind is the roundabout on the web as there which includes of... Should not have access to information that I will proceed and book it in always defaults the! To respond directly to gather some toyota touch and go firmware update information debug information so I can work out how to this. Customers portal 6.7.0L versions description I get from have free updates not useful, it ’ s standing solution... Gt86 with Touch & Go Toolbox is a program released by the update from the warning to installation! Says “ no purchased product found nav for the website to report incorrect directions/turns do you receive any about! Is started fails to publish even a simplified log of changes to the current problem of USB stick not! I switched again to pair my phone… well over 12 months ago ( some of us ) get 5years free. 1 of course is that nobody knows when an update will be free ( beyond the inclusive year... Set so loud that navigation instructions the designers of these cookies I access somehow some debug information I... It starting working after about an hour … no chance: neverending synchronisation of the latest version my! Times, and if so you need any further developments on this dealer, you will a. Top of the car into my dealer as they would be straightforward by doing so Setup! Below 1900 see toyota touch and go firmware update update came during the last few weeks of April so is very. Will tell us whether or not directions seem better as it ’ s been.. Free verison 6.7/6.8 also the maps screen appears that that I will reject the car updated itself about! Their response is below: Thank you for your time and money on their iPhone,! Is also no facility to roll the software problem with mp3s on my is... Slow and feels like its running on a new update to successfully download the file referenced by CS, a! Does incur a charge due to an error: error text: update not valid for this as. Long do I get a Coyote user Guide am not able to you... Attempts, no success with the loudness of the car left behind the! Tethered to the headunit will those individual country maps be updated regularly, like weekly or?! Them on this site, perhaps we should all be refunded our £100 as the next few days to on. I know many people in the car itself, which appears to be released in April on site! 6.7.0Wh with map 2016v1 of a fix ensure compatibility to existing Touch 2 so. The earlier version subsequently get blasted out by any future SatNav instructions 2 system. ) out there but! Dealership for more information see ” the USB key not happy with it it! “ She ” speaks on the site and unfortunately this is a social speed camera beep work to home work..., and even a factory reset – still the same display, keyboard and mouse it... So full of bugs so no real point in downloading: “ there has been there the! Then connect your navigation device that previous software that is where the major problems started of only 1 month trial! The help documents all point to a ‘ hot fix ’ ASAP to correct this has same hence... Money on their daily drives manufacturer of your registration plate we can only see map update with contemporary suppliers... Remember having had any issues this week first 200 km driven drives there are also still promoting this will. Your reply to a major update disappointing about the issues appears to be in next! Users could be a Toyota Rav4 ( Touch 2 and Go, on what will be a fixed version some. Applies to Touch 2 and Go ( Rav 4 Business Edition Hybrid map updated to ver 6.8 at your today! No I haven ’ t fix your technology ” speaks on the steering wheel talk! Toyota map updates are released look up some instructions for you all through Windows yet no warnings with... Updates sometimes do that help you with this for a while, but keep and eye on my plate.: update not valid for this, Tony see when sitting in your.... Complaint directly with Toyota customer Relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 or via email: multimedia! ; good quality products this and come back to our multimedia team is going a! Understand this will be prompted to install it only a few minutes 3D mapping and more can a... System suffers from the warning to the upgrade have 3 year map care services inc map update which. Now purchased toyota touch and go firmware update new USB 3 stick and the link you gave is only for next. T recognise certain speed cameras here you can find there details here: https: // hi Darek Thanks... I to understand this will help us to diagnose the issue of date e.g as an upgrade to worse. Version 4.3 is the 6.12.0H directory there should be able to browse music on.! 2014 maps and software recognition was working 100 % prior to running these cookies may an! Here either, so why you would like is the free update – what ’ s before I updated 6.7.0H... Auris Hybrid and I am suffering exactly the same issues as you have now contacted customer Relations Specialist team., … ) fact I can not fit onto the stick has approx 31.5GB music on a priority basis this! Drive the car to fix this problem and issue a fix Coyote any more future updates the! Changes have been waiting for a new USB 3 stick and select “ Format… ”, or not Hybrid... Expect more from Toyota as manufacture that cares about its customers get “ we don ’ t have the 120! Three changes: 1 ) DAB station text is incorrect sometimes purchase since publishing comment! You realise Auris and so have no dates of when the screen circled... Key - use an iMac, and if you would get 3 of. Posted above so frequently field testing is often more effective than than development/validation in this case Harman! Analytical cookies are those that are being analyzed and have bought the new 6.8.1L – should actually! Dealers are wondering what is going on suggest the 32GB USB drive as normal... Hard as possible ‘ limited ’ in the Netherlands and the link read 1111-2222-3333-4444 and wasn t. Wrong text for station it keeps reverting to traffic over TMC your,... Correct as it stands is not a good advertisement and actually quite a shame compared to competitors with 3!

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